Friday, January 13, 2006

Last night closing

And doesn't it just figure that the clients I need to collect from were all just bitchy, bitchy, bitchy...

There have been some re-enforcing of policies which have been in place oh, forever...This is top be expected when there is a management change. The old manager had finely honed what was enforceable and essential, she certainly picked her battles, but her years of experience were in play and that was that.

The new manager, if heBut there are broad common-knowledge-take-it-for-granted sorts of things he has no clue about. This has made some of the staff bitchy, bitchy, bitchy...

Did he tell the new people he hired anything about dress code? No jeans? Umm, no.

Did he tell any of his receptionists that one of the new girls needed off this week a couple of days? Umm, no. Did we book her ass on these days? Umm, yeah. Tomorrow might or might not be one of the days she needed off. She is booked. Am I dealing with the pissed off customers (two rescheduled from her previous no-show days). Fuck no, it's my last day. 5 more hours. And I am not dealing with bitchy, bitchy, bitchy tomorrow. "One moment, let me get you the manager..."

So I have had to mediate for the new guy with a few of his good stylists. I am also encouraging them to come to the open house at the new salon to see what they are missing. Not really dirty pool but preventive maintenance for the company so a stylist producing revenue doesn't walk because the new manager is like coarse sand paper.

So I leave work precisely on time tonight, even having to deal with the bitchy, bitchy, bitchy. I am no slouch and I started my preclose early enough. Then I am driving home and the highway notice board says Beltway 8 North closed 1/13 @8 pm. I got off work at 9. Fuckers.

The trouble with these wonderfully informative signs is that they give you something less than enough information. Is the interchange closed? Is the entire Beltway 8 North closed? Do I know that area well enough to navigate at night? Umm. No.

So my good sense told me to take Gessner. Not a problem as I live off Gessner. But waaaaaaaaay, waaaaaaaaaay, down 35 mph Gessner. My commute home was about double, but I saved the $1.25 toll. I should go splurge on something tomorrow.

Saturday morning, 8-1. 5. More. Hours.


Crystal said...

Ugh, the last days of any work are always the worst. Between your desire to move on, and whatever nonsense you are leaving behind, it's always frustrating. I've been lucky in that the past few jobs of mine (like the last 5) have ended pretty abruptly. Either me walking out and calling days later to say I wouldn't be back, or injuring my back and having them tell me they need me there, when clearly I can't even sit upright.

Hang in there (complete with kitties on posters), it sounds like the new place should be so much better for you.

chapin said...

I'll send extra good thoughts your way on the last day at the old place. Just keep reminding yourself of how nice and close the new salon is to your home.

Good luck

cj said...

deep...cleansing... breath...