Wednesday, February 01, 2006

My yarn stash...

is *so* in control compared to Drew.

I went to the yarn store and got something luscious today as a reward for enduring my trip to the dentist for cleaning. In a few weeks when I go back to turn an oooooooooooooooooold filling in a molar into a crown a will deserve a much bigger treat. Pics on the other blog as soon as I get to it with the new stuff. Actually sooner, maybe tonight because I am making some progress on my first sock.


~drew emborsky~ said...

LOL- let see some photo proof of your conservative stash! ;)

Marji said...

Hey Maxine, I just followed the link to your blog from Moggys place. And when I saw you in your ISE scarf, I realized, Aha! you are the recipient of Maisies scarf right? I just made a scarf for Maisie. hmmm, if she reads this she will know as I don't think she's received it yet. Well, I'll take my chances.
Love your stash pics.

Elizabeth said...

Drew...I can attest that her stash is very conservative compared to yours, however, there is a plan for the garage and I can see the yarn eating the garage.

So what's the deal with you knitting people? Seems to me it's not just the physical act of knitting but the orgasm ya'll have over BUYING and HAVING a lot of yarn.

I've seen the 'I'm in yarn heaven' look and it's very, very scary...although quite endearing too, which is also scary.