Sunday, February 26, 2006

Concert season has begun

So Bonnie Raitt was totally awesome. It was at a venue that seats about 5000 and it was a sold out show. I can't do justice to the experience as there was a woman sitting behind us who just gave white trash an added dimension. Setting the stage for that particular bonus really is E's domain and I imagine she will be back soon enough to elaborate. The show was excellent and I almost lost my shirt. I mean really, how does that happen? I was holding my shirt and sweater all night on my lap and then after the first encore the couple to our right leave and as we shift our seats a little I think my tshirt is gone. I had just dropped it and it was dark, but it was a senior moment or something. I immediately thought about wrapping xmas presents and you sit down with paper, scissors, tape, pen, and tags only to have to get up each time you need something you know is already right there with you.

Anyway, on to the next show. One of E's reps at work asked her if she wanted any tickets to the rodeo. Most of the artists are country and simply not our thing, but Sheryl Crow was scheduled so she asked for those tix. Dee came through right away so we were set. If you haven't heard, Sheryl Crow is facing breast cancer and undergoing surgery right away so she has cancelled which is terrible news, but of course, there is a flip side. Melissa Etheridge is filling in. Goddess Time is in effect. The Universe is pleased with me.


weese said...

love Bonnie Rait. we saw her at the garden, ages ago when we were young and silly and still liked to go to NYC to see concerts.
(we are old and sedentary now :o)

maxine said...

You shhould come to the city in July to see us!!

rossi said...

wow interesting karma
that mellissa who just conquered breast cancer fills in for sheryl
facing it

sisters sticking together
both rocking babes