Thursday, March 02, 2006

17 minutes Like The Way I Do


OHMIGOD!!!!!! There was bull riding. There was barrel racing. There was a calf scramble. There was a barbie doll stunt rider. There was trained rescue dogs. Lots of cowboys wearing pink. And let us not forget, hot dogs, cheese fries and beer. And the ferris wheel, funnel cake and fun house.

And then, there was Melissa. I luv me some Melissa Etheridge. I think tonight was the sixth time I have seen her. MMMMHMMMM. I am really sorry that Sheryl Crow has to deal with breast cancer, and I wish that was not the reason that I got to see Me some more Mellssa, but Damn. Excellent. About an hour and 20 minutes of loud rocking Melissa. I love it when the music is so loud you can sing at the top of your lungs and not hear yourself.



chapin said...

Life is just not fair sometimes. I had to sit and listen to 15 sets of parents want to know why their children weren't perfect.

I am glad you had another great ME experience. I've not seen her live and I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will come through her very soon.

Donni said...

I gotta ask - what's funnel cake?

maxine said...

Funnel cake is batter drizzled through a funnel into hot oil. There is a ring in the oil which shapes the cake, and it is fried into a swirly mass which is flipped over and then dusted with powdered sugar.

You pull pieces off and eat it hot. Messy and tres yummy.

PlumpKnitter said...

OHhh FUNNEL CAKES YUMMY!!! .. Donni hun.. you are missing out.. go make yourself a funnel cake with lots of powder sugar...

Maxine.. I love the rodeo..I go the rodeo they have here in my town every year its great!