Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Save as Draft needs reminders

If you have never worked for a corporate entity, you might never understand the penney way(TPW). It is the corporate way. The structured way. The challenge to figuring out the penney way is in that a lot of policies are favored at the store manager's discretion.

My challenge is in leaving behind the ways of the store managers I have worked for previously and learning what the policies are specific to the new store. Fortunately, this is somewhat facilitated by having worked with my salon manager long enough that I know how she wants various things done or handled.

As to new stylists, we have many. The new salon is 22 stations. Current stylist count is 30 I think. 7 came with us from the last store I was at, so they are all up on TPW as Sharon likes it. There are then another 5 or so stylists who worked at Town and Country with Sharon and me 5 years ago,but went elsewhere when that location closed. They sort of remember how it used to be, but they need reminding and refreshing on all the things that have since changed.

There is a group that have migrated from Regis, maybe 7 or so and they are used to corporate structure to a point, but not used to working for as big a corporation, nor one that is as diverse. They are the younger stylists for the most part though not terribly young, maybe 28 to 45 with a few older. They are generally more computer savvy and have caught on to the program we use rather easily.

My problem children are all from a private salon where they were booth renters working for themselves. The problem part comes in because as booth renters, they can come and go as they pleased. If someone cancelled they could just leave. The draw for them to switch to TPW is that they get me to book and cash out all their appointments. They also gain benefits eligibility if they work enough hours.

There are a few stragglers here and there that have come in on their own to join the fold. All in all it is not too bad, but it is a lot of estrogen floating around with just a teensy bit of gay boy testosterone in the mix.

My biggest personal adjustment is still going from 25 hours to 40 and from 2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off to 5 days on. As long as I take my hour lunch and my two 15 minute breaks, I manage. I just don't like it, but in the name of benefits, I will eventually adjust.

My two part time receptionists are catching on, so it is getting better. I started this post at least a week ago and just now saw that it never got finished. As much as I hate it when my daily reads have not posted daily, I have lately been increasingly guilty of the same. I will try to get consistent again. Knitting updates soon!!

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Cris said...

glad you are still in the land of the living :)
those major job changes really do play havoc on regular posting.

we will still hang in there with you till you find your blog rhythm.

glad too, that its going as well as can be expected with that many major changes happening.