Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Woohooooo It's Wednesday!!!

So excited over hump day? Umm, no. Dear Sweet Elizabeth returns today, Finally.

The beach on Sunday was fun. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, sitting in the sun for about an hour or so and no burning. I definitely want to get back soon. Lilli had a fun time but she really does not like getting her face wet and when the water approaches, she just can't out run it. It was a comedy. I also found a whole sand dollar. Sweet.

I remembered last night to reschedule my jury duty. It is now in MArch rather than today;. A little less hectic all around. IOf only I could reschedule work today.

Not only do I have to work 9-6, I also have a client right after work so I won't see E until about 8 or 830. I think she needs to call in sick tomorrow and slug with me.

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Elizabeth said...

Returning was very sweet indeed. I had fun last night. ifly