Sunday, November 06, 2005

off like a dirty shirt

Going to Galveston this morning and Nola must be intuiting that Lilli Munster is going and she is not. She is being needy and wants to be right up my ass.

I am sure she understands something is up as it was barely light out and I was up letting them out and then not going back to bed. Any day we don't go back to bed for at least a little while, well there is something inherrantly wrong with that picture.

The plan is to pick Beth up at 930 and then hit the beach for an hour or so stopping at McD's. Since Beth is not a Starbuck's fan, I will get my fixon the way to her house. Simple eneough, all of it. No shower needed, find my hat or add more product to my hair, brush my teeth and then out the door.

I put most of the laundry away already this morning. Last night I went to watch a movie and the one I wanted is still in my car from the hurricane rita evacuation. My car is parked on the street three yards down because of road construction which means walking across 3 yards to get to it. That was not something I wanted to do at 10 oclock last night in the dark when one of the yards is particularly ungroomed. When I get home I need to remember tog rab them from the trunk. I might unload some other stuff too depending on how much I can carry.

The only other thing on the agenda is locating my jury duty summons so I can get the number to postpone it. I am going to go my 8 weeks out which takes me to the first week in January. I hope the date is after the jurors pay increase. Currently it is 6 bucks and in January it goes to 40. I am not sure if it is January 1st or not. Pushing it back that far also gets me through the holidays at work not requiring my boss to juggle schedules when we are already pretty much maxxed out on hours as it is.

Yesterday at work was the first Saturday of the holiday season. It was all I could do to knit a few rows of my sweater. My coworkers should realize that the knitting keeps me sane and stable which makes me a more pleasant coworker. They nearly collectively plucked my last nerve yesterday. Clients were rude and rushed and I even 'accidently' hung up on a few that were particularly rude. It is a well known fact how fucked our phone system is, 6 lines in, one phone, one receptionist most of the time handling the phone and ringing clients and independent sales, so them getting legitimately cut off happens. Gotta take the joy where I find it some days. And as the big day-o-jesus comes nearer, it is only going to get worse.


I remembered yesterday to ask for switching to an early shift on Dec 3 and 31. I am scheduled late both days and the 3rd is Carol's party, the lesbian social event of the season and quite possibly the year. $25 donation gets you in and the $$ go to a local lesbian charity. It gets you heavy hos d'oeuvres and an open bar as well as 300 or so lesbians milling about Carol's house. for New Year's we have been invited to the faux chateau, Beth's lake house up outside of Austin. Ok, so it's a trailer on a lot in the woods with a creek. I still think lake house is accurate enough. I have not been yet, but it would be nice tog et away with some friendaroonies after the holiday madhouse in the salon.

I think I will sit and knit a few rows before leaving as my morning meditation.

More later perhaps.

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