Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Anyone Can Knit

I had to open up a livejournal account to be listed as a friend for someone, so I decided to see if I can keep work in progress updates on that journal. It will be its own work in progress, I guess.

Linked to the left.


Elizabeth said...

Where is the link?

Also, did you know that 'myself' is one word. It drives me crazy that you have it as two words. You need to fix it or I'll go insane.


maxine said...

The link is there if you actually look. And yes myself is one word, but if I am referring to me. If I am referring to my self as I often am, it is two words. I guess I will be living witha crazy woman. No news there.

Elizabeth said...

"And yes myself is one word, but if I am referring to me."

You realize that is a fragmented sentence.

I still can't find the link and I'm looking for it.

Cris said...

here i intended to comment about the gorgeous wrap/scarf photos on the LJ site, and i come here to find....normal marital squabbles.

gave me a good giggle to see others at the same thing we live with day in and day out.

but to the point. the wrap and scarf ARE GORGEOUS, and i think i will enjoy wandering it to see your latest projects!

ps i live with a journalism major who accuses me of being a "Michener" (lovely prose but couldn't "cut to the chase" if i tried)....its fun to make them crazy :)