Wednesday, November 23, 2005

448 AM

Lilli Munster was up bright and early and she just finally conked out again on the pillow next to me on the couch. I could put her back into her crate, but then I have to get up again in about thirty minutes anyway, and that back to bed for a few winks sleep does far more harm than good.

I can't believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Well, I guess I can believe it because the salon was chaos yesterday and will certainly be more chaos again today. I am gladd the boss laedy will be present. I printed 80 some odd travelers last night which means 80 some odd appointments already booked for today. usually on a Tuesday night I print 35-40. Let the games begin.

Last thanksgiving we went to California. E made a travelog I was going to link but her new blog does not have it up that I could see. It was a fabulous vacation and we had a lovely T-day dinner with the women we stayed with and some of their friends. We decided we should always be traveling for T-day if for no other reason than to avoid holiday drama.

The best laid plans and all, we are home this year. I sent out the following group email to those invited:

We are doing an open house style thanksgiving this
year. I am still not sure what is on the menu., but
you all have eaten here before so be assured, it will
be delish. If there is something you want in
particular, bring it with you. We are very fond of
casual dining so there is no definite time. The only
thing really definite is that we will be hosting a
classic Star Wars marathon on Thanksgiving day so
there will be no football.

Please feel free to arrive any time between 3 and 6 in
the afternoon.

See you Thursday!

No football might just keep the guest list short.

I might be brilliant.

The menu this far includes but is not limited to:

pork tenderloin
St. Andre mashed potatoes
ginger glazed carrots
scratch onion dip
spinach and pine nut stuffed shells (can you believe Randalls does not sell manicoti noodles?)
cake reminiscent of our wedding cake from Costco (if E gets there today to get one)

Who knows what else might turn up between now and then?

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Elizabeth said...

Yes, I will get that cake. I am determined to WADE through the Costco minions in order to procure the cake.

Ahem, I have a tab at the TOP of my blog titled 'travel'. If you click there you will see all our travel logs. And let me say, it's much easier to find than that yarn link I still can't find.

btw...I REALLY love you.