Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Most attractive

Sheild your eyes if you come knocking on my door. At the moment, because I am doing laundry and want to wash all my bras and sleeveless shirts, I am lounging and cleaning house in a tank bra. It is quite comfy, but it leaves little if anything to the imagination. And it makes quite the fashion statement paired with some shapeless yoga pants. But as I said, I am comfy.

I decided last week that it is better to do laundry on Monday, but yesterday, I was slugging, totally worn out from my birthday weekend. I woke up this morning at about 830 and went to yoga, so right now I feel very good. I just had a vision of someday actually wearing this yoga get up to yoga. That will be a moment to document, when I feel I look ok enough to wear this out in public.

And speaking of bras, I am at a point where I once again need to go buy new ones. I am not sure if I need to go smaller again, or if I need to just get new ones. The ones I am wearing are far from worn out and threadbare, but there is a bigness to them and it could just be that they are broken in. I might see if there is a way to adjust them which I had not considered.

Living life by following my intuition was the yoga assignment/suggestion today, which I mostly do anyway, so time to scoot.

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