Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Make mine anything but Pepsi

I love me some Pepsi, yes I do.

Several years ago, the first time I ever really lost any quantity of weight, I did so by simply eliminating Pepsi from my diet. Actually, I went cold turkey and drank no beverage other than water, and a lot of it. If it was a liquid entering my body, it was water.

That sounds as if I gave up a lot, but the reality of it was that the only thing other than water that I drank at the time, was Pepsi. So in giving it up, I cut a six pack of sugar (or quite often, more) out of my day. In three months of water as the only beverage, I managed to lose about 30 pounds. This was my first conscious aha moment about my weight.

Currently, I have not been a Pepsiholic for several years. I have gained a sort of control over it and if I really want one, I have one. Occasionally, a six pack finds its way into my shopping cart, and when this happens I have no problem seeing it in the fridge, and still have it only when I really want one.

Tonight was such a night, and as I was also feeling somewhat salty crunchy, I went to KFC and got some Popcorn Chicken and a medium Pepsi.

That was at 9 pm.

I can distinctly remember saying in conversation to someone how even with all the Pepsi I used to drink, I never had a caffeine jolt from it.

Tonight, that changes.

I am feeling like the first time I had that black currant tea from Cost Plus at bedtime and was then up and pinging until 5 am and then up again at 7 am ready to take on the world.

Maybe I will have a productive day at work tomorrow.

Speaking of work, I have accepted a receptionist position at the salon. Unfortunately for the few clients I have managed to cultivate, this means I will no longer be doing hair. This still all hinges on the current receptionist and when she decides to leave, which is currently after Christmas.

I can still change my mind if I suddenly see a market boon, but the salon I am in has a high ethnic market, which means if you do not do African American hair, you do not build. I do AA hair, but not relaxers. It is a bit of a catch 22 in that if I did more relaxers, I would gain the comfort needed to do them with confidence, and this salon could afford that possibility. But, this salon has a client base who does not want white stylists. Yes, I have heard it first hand from clients on the phone as well as in the chair. Blatant discrimination, but nothing to be done about it. Except take the receptionist position.

It's all good.

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