Thursday, September 16, 2004

And the title has been found

In a moment of wisdom, just before I was about to call the wasband to ask something of him, E called her son and asked if he remembered seeing the title to my jeep anywhere. She told him we were only calling because we were truly desperate.

He told her where he saw it, and that is precisely where it was.


I am so glad I did not have to call the fallen king and ask him to get me a replacement. That would not have gone well as he misremembers a conversation we had in which he thought I agreed to pay for something which he said he would take care of. Voices were raised and the conclusion was me hanging up on him. Not the best note to end on if I have to ask something of him.

Yes, I have learned my lesson and I will consider beginning, again, to build a bridge. HJe just makes it rather difficult.

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