Sunday, February 08, 2004

Went to see Margaret Cho last night and she was so funny. Even more amusing at times was this group of men who can best be described as bubba or republican perhaps, who just were not amused. She was also very thin, and seemed taller that I thought she would be. I would estimate maybe a size 8. Perhapd even smaller if I am wrong about her height. I think she could have gone out to any number of bars in Houston and been unrecognized unless someone had been to her show.

Yesterday was a busy day. I was up and out of the house early having to do a house call for one of my clients. I was at their home at 930, Starbucks in hand. Then after than I went to lunch with my friend Lori and we sat and talked until about 3. After that I had planned a nap, but not taken one, Instead I went to the store to gather some groceries for dinner. I then cooked burgers and fries and some fresh spinach for E, and then we got ready to go to the show.

We were home about 1130 and it made for a long, filled day. I checked my email and went to sleep by midnight, and actually slept well, quite the anomaly these days.

Today I am going in to work 12-3 for one of my clients and then it will be over to B and I's for some pool shooting and haircuts for them. Then home by 7ish to snuggle in for Alias, which might not be on, and the L Word.

Tomorrow is back to work...blahx3.

I spoke to my dad yesterday and he told me my eldest got a tattoo, no surprise there, and wears dog chains, equally unsurprised. I already know of the nose piercing, and of course I know his mentality of goth boy wannabe. I have to say, I am really glad he is in upstate NY with his dad, and not here with me.

My mom then called in the early evening and she told me they were going to try to hook up with my youngest in VA this morning for breakfast. He is 13 and Mr. social on the weekends, so I told her if she can get a hold of him, all she needs to do is say the words "meet at Golden Corral for breakfast" and "bring your friend you are visiting" and he will be there in a flash. I told her, too, that even without the enticements he would want to see her, so hopefully she will get him on the phone. If not perhaps on her way back through she can give him more notice. She and 2 of her sisters are on the way to Florida for a few weeks.

E just took a picture to inspire a new painting, "naked girl on the bed with laptop and dog. It will be brilliant!!

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