Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I really dislike mornings. Not that this is any major revelation, I have never been much of a morning person, but lately, there has been an active dislike of them. Perhaps it is that I need some black currant tea to get moving. I will have to get some to see if that helps.

In part, I think there is more resentment because I have to go in on my day off for a salon meeting and I just do not want to. I will, of curse, and I will not even bitch about it because that is simply the kind of employee I am. Also, I really like my manager and she deserves my support in this matter. The salon meeting id followed by a trainers' meeting. Even if I decided to blow off the salon meeting, I really need to be at the trainers' meeting. Besides, I have procured a wicked prize to be drawn for from those present at the salon meeting. A $30 gift certificate for
PF Chang's. Just because I am the one who goes to get the prizes does not preclude me from being eligible.

Once the meetings are done, I will head into town to a cafe to sit and write. I had been going to Cafe Artiste, but last week I went to Brasil and I enjoyed the change of scenery. There is a braless counter grrl there with the smallest of titties. She seemed to be all nipple in her baby doll tee.

I also need to get a Hawaiian shirt. In April, E and I are going to a wedding in Las Vegas. One of my best friends is getting hitched for the second time. The invitation arrived Saturday, a Las Vegas postcard, and with it was a note which read "though not mandatory, it is requested you wear a Hawaiian shirt and khaki's."

Who can refuse such a request? At JCP we have just such a shirt, actually a couple such shirts, to choose from. There is a polo style in black, olive, or pink, and there is also a button down style. Both short sleeved. I cannot decide if E and I should get the same color/same style, or same color/different style, or different color/different style or if we should just have totally different shirts from different stores. How sugary sweet are we??

Oh, the reception will follow, brunch in the Jimmy Buffet Margaritaville restaurant downstairs, all of which is housed within the Flamingo Hilton.

I. Can't. Wait.

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