Thursday, February 08, 2007

uses time wisely

I have been out and about since 10 this morning. I decided to fuller embrace not giving a shit about my hair and left home with it not 'done'. As a hairdresser, this is a challenge. Also, given that it is a work day and need my hair to be 'done' for work, I was doubly surprised when it occurred to me to get out early and not give a shit as all things have a way of working themselves out, my hair included.

Normally, I would get it all together, then go run errands on my way to work. This formula just does not work as I get distracted on the way to getting it all together, thus shortening greatly the errand portion of the day, if not eliminating it altogether.

So today, I showered and threw on a tshirt and jeans and ran out the door by 10 this morning. I had a bowl of blueberries in an effort to get used to eating breakfast, too. They were damn good with a scant tablespoon of both sour cream and brown sugar mixed in. Don't wrinkle up your nose til you've tried it. I had a few errands in mind, the yarn store because e has begged me to make a scarf or two and that requires some yarn. Check. Then to Whole Foods for some stuff for dinner tomorrow night. Check. Then to Costco for some pork tenderloin for said dinner. Check.

The yarn store was quiet and Wendy was working. She was extremely thankful for the tin of cookies I brought in for the staff for the holidays. You know what that means?? They now know who I am. It is akin to Norm arriving at Cheers in the knitting world when your LYS (local yarn shop) knows who you are. I like it. I bought wool for two scarves and I can see them already in my brain. They will get made in a timely fashion.

Then there was Whole Foods. I should not be allowed to go there without a list. I really was not too bad, but I did get some new tea for us and that jacked the grocery bill just a wee bit. Reports on those later. On the way in the door they had the most exquisite potted orchids. I think I might go back for at least one. They were stunning. Totally a reason to be carrying a camera with me though I wasn't. Yes, they were that beautiful. Cupid should be sending them to everyone on the v-day list. I was able to resist, but I think for certain I will be going back for one. I managed to get the dinner things as well, yukon gold potatoes for mashed, some baby zuchini to roast, as well as some mushrooms to saute. I guess I should have picked up some shallots, too, but I wasn't thinking about shallots, I was thinking of those damn orchids. I remembered the St Andre cheese to dump into the mashed potatoes and I got a triple cream brie and some other new for us cheese to have with pomegranite and walnuts as a starter. Dinner is sure to be delish.

At Costco, because I had other groceries in the car, I was extremely ficused. In, to the back, grab pork, get in line. I like it when Costco is easy and quick as much when it is lingering, and the crowd today was sparse, so it was a snap either way.

As I pulled into the driveway, I realized the errand that was supposed to be primary today, my expired car inspection. I have a 2005 Civic and I am sure it will pass so there is not drama nerves about the inspection, but I just keep forgetting to get it done. This too will work itself out.


SassyFemme said...

What is St. Andre cheese like? Fran just made amazing mashed potatoes with the yukon gold and parmesan reggiano, we're on a mashed potatoe with cheese kick now.

the only daughter said...

Goods for a good, no scratch that, great dinner..wins over car inspection any day.

maxine said...

St Andre is French, Very mild. Seme-soft. I get a small wedge and sometimes we have a little on crackers, but most often i cut off the rind and dump the whole wedge in.

Cambazola is also very good in potatoes if you can find it.

Bobbi said...
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KMae said...

Busy Lady.