Saturday, February 03, 2007

jeans...and socks...

I scored yesterday. When I went to Macy's to see if they had my jeans, I was looking for a 24 because that is the size I thought I was wearing. All they had in The Jones New York Signature collection jean was a 16 and a 22. Fuck.

I grabbed them and a shitload of other jeans to try on and lo and behold, thank The Little Baby Jesus(tm), the 22, in the jean I wanted in the first place, fit like a glove. Let me fess up, no I did not lose a size, the pair I already have are a 22. At least I am thinking this is the case, I might check when I do laundry, but I don't feel like getting up now to go see.

I also got eb a stylish wool blazer that was on clearance. And not to be forgotten, I got some socks when I went back to JCP. I got 6 pair of trouser socks, 6 pair of heavy white ankle socks, 6 pair of heavy black ankle socks, a 6 pair black and white mixed light ankle socks, and 4 pair of pretty knit socks. I think we have enough socks for the moment.

We also have a shitload of bras on clearance. I mean a shitload. I got 2 and brought 6 home for eb. It's charming. really.


SassyFemme said...

I think you've even got more socks than Fran, and that's hard to do!

chapin said...

I also love socks but you win...for now at least. :-)

WordsRock said...

Six bras for eb? SIX? She'll have no excuse not to keep those girls of hers securely bound. :)

Glad you found the jeans you wanted!

the only daughter said...

Yay! you got socks and the jeans you wanted! yay and more yay!

I do hope that the deeeep freeze gripping the northern parts (or at least my northern parts) -are long gone or no where near- where you will be--when you will be-

One can never have enough socks-imho- :)