Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Like I really need another project in the air...

This one will actually begin in a few weeks, but I want to give a heads up now because there will be details to work out. I just visited and signed up for 1001journals.com and while there, I launched a traveling journal for the EP lesbos to include contributors and supporters. It will be by invitation and that means if you might be interested, you need to email me or comment here to get an invite and be on the list. I need a bit of time to prepare the journal for it's voyage and everyone is encouraged to participate, and I don't want to hear any "I'm not creative enough for that" bullshit.

I am going to prep the pages and you will then pick what page suits your fancy and journal on it by any means and about any subject. It can be artful, literary, anonymous(sort of), anything goes. I ask that you limit custody to two weeks. I also ask that you add a trinket to the traveling journal box which will be used for the final journal shrine assembly. I am contemplating if it could be used in the Day of the Dead fundraiser we participate in and that part remains to be thought through. I like the idea because it is a public viewing sort of show, but I don't like it because it would be up for auction, though I would be establishing the starting bid which I could raise discriminitely. Any proceeds would go to EP to defray costs.

You would be responsible for doing your spread and then sending it on to the next person on the list via mail. It is also requested by the host site that each person scan their contribution to post, but we can work that out as necessary.

Who's in? Everyone reading this far had better be saying yes!

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elizabeth said...

I'm in...but you already knew that.