Friday, February 02, 2007

talk to me...

So I am working on Bob Green's Best Life Diet which is not really a diet but a way to live your best life. In phase one, there are some easy lifestyle modifications, one of which is giving up something like soda for 30 days. The general idea is to give it up to see what one easy modification can do in terms of calorie difference.

I really do not drink enough soda anymore for this to be particularly effective, so I boldly decided to give up Starbucks for 30 days. I used to go a few times a week for a chai latte on my way to work. This turned into stopping daily because it was so easy on the way to work and hey, it's half soy milk so that qualifies as breakfast so it's good for me right? One needs breakfast, so says Bob.

But really, I was doing it from habit, not because I was thirsty or hungry. And can you have chai latte for breakfast without adding a glazed old fashioned donut and still consider it breakfast? I don't think so.

So it has been a bit more than 2 weeks, and I am not at all jonesing for my chai in the morning. I have to wonder if it is morning chai that I gave up or starbucks in total. If I actually want a chai latte while at work, can I get one?

Help me, please. Discuss.


the only daughter said...

If you want one you can get one. Seems like it's been proven that it wasn't about the latte.

I've made some drastic changes to my eating habits over the past three weeks. I've discovered that the the eating of certain foods were more about behavior than the actual foods. It's only been three weeks and I'm sure I'll be tested,challenged and just flat out tired of of being 'good' (and disciplined) lifestyle

KMae said...

It's all very difficult, not only the healthy eating, but trying to loose weight. Truthfully it IS healthier to NOT drink soda or caffine, if you can give it up, you'll feel better. In the morning I do have de-cafinated tea which does have a touch of caffine... (yep decaf anything still has caffine...they frickin'lie.) I went thru headaches dropping heavy coffee fixes.

Good luck.

weese said...

you are not only saving many calories..but $$ as well.
3,4,5 bucks a day adds up.

maxine said...

psst, weese...yarn shopping with the starbucks're brilliant!!