Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And the stories that were told...

I cooked some more pork tenderloin last night. Never a disappointment, that one. I also made the St Andre mashed potatoes again because everyone knows you can't have pork tenderloin without them. Then I made honey glazed baby carrots with shallots and ginger. One comment was heard attesting to their goodness, "...and I don't like cooked carrots!" Yummy. That was Suzanne. She had seconds on her carrots. Her wife Vicki thought even Brandon might eat them. He's 7 I think, and her grandson.

Suzanne and Vicki came over for haircuts and we were going to order out for dinner. I just thought cooking would be easier, and I kinda like it, as you know. I'm sick like that. I still think it was easier, but I had to go out and flip the stove breaker about 8 times while I was cooking. What a pain in the ass.

Since the stove was new about 4 years ago, I have learned that you don't use the oven and the cooktop at the same time. Well, you could use both, but only one burner. If I forgot and turned on a second burner, the breaker would flip. This was only ever a problem if we were entertaining, but I got quite good at juggling what was cooked and when and in what order.
Not too long ago it started happening when I was broiling and using one burner. Ok, bigger pain in the ass.

Recently, the broiler itself, all alone, has been tripping the breaker almost as soon as the pork really starts sizzling. It takes about 4 flips of the breaker to cook the pork tenderloin. Last night, I think it was 5.

So the pork was done and resting, and the broiler turned off. Then The potatoes had to be boiled and the carrots sauteed. Maybe the oven was still too hot and it contributed to the breaker flipping again when only the cooktop was being used. And maybe the stove is a piece of shit. Just maybe.

So with the cooking drama aside, we ate and drank a little. Michael and Irene were here too, and it was Michael's first time. I think he might come back. It would be nice to find him another gayboy friend, but that could prove a challenge. Two boys might upset the estrogen balance too much, even if they are gayboys.

Give this group a few glasses of wine and beer and the stories will start flowing. We learned all about an awesome sex shop in London and the Mafia in Italy, among other things.

Next time maybe pablano chicken or Sarah's pine nut spinach manicotti.

Life is good.

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Elizabeth said...

It was a very good time, indeed. I vote for Sarah's manicotti. Oh and...ifly