Friday, February 02, 2007

Just a travelin' ho

And my coworkers will be envy filled...they just don't get it that they could make the choice to travel too.

We will be going to NYC on Feb 23rd and then to Hartford CT for a blogger meetup. I bet Hartford has a yarn shop. I then am going to the VT retreat and to see my dad and son in upstate NY in March. It is going to be cold in all those places.


I think I need to buy a second pair of jeans.


the only daughter said...

I choose to travel--just can't. As often. Yet. Times, however, are a changin'

Your're going to cold places, something tells me though, you'll be surrounded by warmth. :)

the jeans, yeah..get those and don't forget the socks.

SassyFemme said...

Oh we definitely have yarn shops in the area! I'll have to find where and point you in the direction!

Elizabeth said...


maxine said...

Mapmuse says there are 6 within 20 miles of Hartford. But that will be gravy to the main course of meeting up!!