Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I usually work 9-6 on Wednesday but due to our other receptionist being at college orientaation, I am working 11-7. That is just weird. I am sure it is because my boss did not want to dump another 1-9 on me this week, but still, it is odd.

Training begins with the new receptionist today who is taking Mitu's place after next week when she leaves for school. Dana has worked for JCP for years, but her previous position was dissolved. She took the severance and has been gone for about 6 months. It will help that she is up on the JCP way. Really all she needs to learn is the new register/computer and the way we book people. She will be a pro by tomorrow I think. I am pretty sure she is in her 40s, so it will be nice having more maturity at the desk. I also wonder if she might be family. Maybe on the down low as she is married with kids. But I know first hand that it is still possible.

The three of us on the desk being gay. That could be interesting.

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