Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Once again

We are once again a two functioning toilet household. My lovergrrl is so butch she can fix anything. But what a jewel that she is a handy toilet refurbisher. She is a babe. A goddess.

And she's all mine!!

I spoke to Paul today, first time since right before Easter. He actually answered his cell phone. Will wonders never cease?

I have been calling. And calling. I bitched him out royally for not calling me as I was growing very concerned. I even told him I was going to call one of his evil neices tomorrow if I did not get him. "Glad I answered sugar. You know I don't know how to work this damn new phone."

He was surprised it has been that long, and I cut him all the slack in the world because he is going through a lot of shit to rebuild a life that was callously stripped away from him. And, well. And because he is Paul and I adore him. We shall see him Saturday for dinner.

Too many friends have some crap being flung their way. Time for some Metta practice.


Rossi said...

honey send that fix up butch
over to my place pronto!

maxine said...

I bet she would barter her services for a plane ticket and a few meals!!