Thursday, June 23, 2005

Doddering old men named Lu

I have had a second occurence of an old man named Lew crossing my path recently. The first occurence was when I worked at Oildom. A senior editor was hired on who was near 60 and no one really knew why he was there. It was basically a professional courtesy for him to be able to retire in a few years. He has a great history within the industry and contacts I am sure, but he really was doddering. There just is not another word coming to mind to better describe Oildom Lou. My involvement with him was fetching things. He might have been the only person there to consider me 'his' secretary. I was the adminiastrative manager for an office of about 10, but Lou really liked it if I would 'please get the coffee going' or "please stock up his stationery'. At least he had manners and wasn't too muich of a pest.

Yesterday, I made a new doddering old man acquaintance named Lew. As I was leaving for the night, I walked past catalog and there he was. He was asking
Beverly(think of Marge Simpson's sisters here and hear them speak) for help in clocking out. 'I'm not the trainer. Didn't Sue show you how to do all this? You been here a week already and you can't work the time clock?" She is just about the rudest bitch in the place, and it really bothered me to witness this exchange.

Here I was ready to hit the door running. My purse, laptop and bag of other miscellaneous stuff slung over my shoulder or in my hand and in my other hand a bottle of water and Rice Krispy treat. I went over to the catalog counter and said excuse me to enter the conversation. Lew, dutiful (new) JCP employee that he was had his nametag on. Reaching my hand to shake I said "Hi, Lew. Maxine from the salon. LEt me help you with the time clock." In no way was I being a suck up or anything less than genuine, and it was a definite feel good moment. I was genuine with my offer to help. Lew was genuine with his appreciation. Beverly was genuine with her slack jawed look of disbelief as she said under her breath "Well I was gonna help."

Then as I said good night to Lew as we passed by catalog, Bob the bossman walked by and said "Thanks Max, Noted." I love it when he catches me going above aand beyond, and he always does. I think it might be time to hit him up for a dependent discount card for my lovergrrl.

I just hope I haven't created a monster in Lew.

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