Thursday, June 02, 2005

Make mine a Milky Way

The recipe:

Hazelnut, Caramel and Chocolate syrups in the bottom third of a pint glass.
Add ice to near full.
Add heavy cream leaving about an inch of room.
Add espresso.

And yes, that is still way too coffee tasting for me, but with some extra syrup I somehow managed to finish it with no reluctance.

E remains a skeptic and is curious to see if the espresso keeps me awake tonight or not.

I like the flavors of coffee well enough and I like the smell of it brewing. I just always find it way too bitter in a you can't add enough cream or sugar sort of way. The Milky Way certainly is an admirable effort. I think I will try it again and ask for the espresso on the side. Then I can add just the right amount. The counter boy will look at me as if I am insane to be sure. Maybe I will try a half espresso Milky Way. Maybe I just need a splash of espresso. Yes. That is likely the ticket.

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