Monday, April 25, 2005

Pinning all my hopes on the nurse...

Let's just hope she knows what the hell she is talking about. She advised me that the worst part of the procedure is the prep the day before. I already knew what a nightmare that would be from the detox I did with Dr Rob. Feel my shudders.

I want to go to the fridge and bury myself into the container of buttercream icing. Not because I really want it, there is no appetite. But it would surely be soothing. Ii might be ravenous in the morning, but at the moment I am surviving on the cup of chicken broth I had for lunch. That was pre cocktail.

My cocktail consisted of 3 tablespoons of Fleet's phospho soda mixed into a can of ginger ale. I think ginger ale might stay forever on the no list of foods not being friendly to my body. As if the 3 pm cocktail was not bad enough, I had to have a second one at 9.

More shudders.

The ama circulating in my head is enough to make me see double. Shuddering more. and Is it cold in here, or what?

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