Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Nurse Colleen gets a gold star...

The prep was truly far worse than the colonoscopy. The rest of the office staff need to take notes, bnecause frankly, they suck. If you are a client at a digestive disease center, well, just a smile and a kind word would go a long way. Nurse Colleen is well aware of this. The rest of them...aren't. I cut a bit of slack to LaDon, she was my procedure nuirse and other than the fact she could not get my vein on the first two tries, she was at least pleasant.

In addition to the less than accomodationg office staff, the doc was running behind. Hah!! I just made a funny. My procedure was scheduled for 11:30 and I was supposed to begin the intake setup at 10:30. I was taken to a bed at 11:45. Late.

As I already mentioned, Nurse LaDon missed my vein. Twice. Another colleague came over and got it on the first try. The last time I needed an IV I had remembered that my veins roll and I should always ask for an expert. That was 10 years ago and there was too much else on my mind, so I forgot. Ooopsie.

Soon after my IV was in I was wheeled tot he procedure room. The doc was ready and waiting by then. As she was asking if my meds had been in long enough to be working, the nurse said they were not in yet. I never felt any noticable difference, but the procedure was uncomfortable in a subtle way. Not torturous. Not painful. The worst part of it was the air they shoot in to keep the colon from collapsing.

Gaseous. Gaseosity. Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffttt.

Lest I be accused of blogging to avoid the joy that is my new medication, That's all for now...More soon.


Elizabeth said...

Gaseosity? LOL. You're so good at the sound effects. Just one more think I love about you.

Elizabeth said...