Saturday, April 09, 2005

Embracing the neti pot

The neti pot has been prescribed by my ayurveda doc to assist in the reduction of mucousy crud I have been experiencing lately. Actually, he says it is one of the five simple things one can do daily to improvegeneral health. One of the five must-dos for everyone on the planet. Additionally, my yogi has long been an active supporter of the neti pot offering frequent demonstrations.

It has taken me months to get past the eww factor and get to it. I have reasoned it away as me being so much less allergy affected this year then any year recently, and just been saying soon. Elizabeth is braver than I am and has been using it somewhat regularly for a while now. Maybe since the yoga retreat last May, though I am not quite sure that is when she got it.

You fill the pot with pure water, nuke or other wise heat it to a warm body temperature, and then add a half teaspoon kosher salt. I find that for our microwave, 30 seconds is just about right. If that feels too warm, then I just add a little more unheated water. You then tuck your chin and tip your head sideways over the sink so your nostrils are lined up one on top of the other. The spout is placed at the upper nostril and gravity facilitates the hot salinated water on its journey. It is not recommended that you begin this when you are already plugged up. The hot water virtually melts the snot right out of your nose.


Then you pause with your head straightened out over the sink for water to drain back and do the other side. I have tissue waiting. Even though I thought I was clear, I still had a decent stream of snot running out of my nose.

"...down her nose
(snort, snort)
down her nose
(snort, snort)
and she whistled while the (snort) ran down her nose..."

A special prize to anyone who knows the name of that song!!

The worst that can happen is you don't tuck your chin enough and the warm salted water runs down your throat.

Our next foray into my as-of-late medical life experiences will be the colonoscopy tour. Woo!

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Zooey said...

I've yet to purchase a real neti pot. I've been flushing my sinuses with an ear bulb for a couple of years. I just lean my head over the sink and squeeze the rubber bulb, and the solution comes out the other nostril. Sometimes, when I'm clogged up and squeeze to much water at once, it has actually came out my EYE. You'll get used to it really quickly. Good luck.