Monday, April 18, 2005

Don't like it...

Last time it happened, I didn't like it either. General Hopspital has brought iin a new Carly. When Sara Brown(I think that was her name) chose to pursue other avenues and left the role of Carly on GH, I just didn't like it. Then the new grrl, very young and early in her acting career, Tamara Braun, began to grow on me. Now I have a hard time delineating the time between the two actresses and the character has become her own entity. I realize it is Carly that I like, not necessarily who plays her.

I am no longer as invested in soaps in general and I rarely watch TV anymore in an invested manner. There is currently nothing on TV which I have to watch. GH and carly included. If I am home when it is on, I will watch it if I think about turning on the TV.

So today, I see a new Carly. She looks like a man. Or rather, like she was a man. I went to look up on the GH website to see if this was temporary because the actress was ill. Nope. This is a NuCarly. At least that is how she is referred to on the message board. The biggest complaint there seems to be she sounds like a man. There is an uncanny resemblence, more like this woman might be the old Carly's mother. Or Father.

I will give the character a chance and see down the road what I think. If I think about it further at all.

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cj said...

And adam's apple doesn't help either.