Saturday, May 08, 2004

What a week of nothingness. Work was slow, and my patience for that is waning. I went this morning to see a couple of cliets at their home and I had a moment to wonder if I am really doing something I *Want* to be doing with my days. I am not really sure what that means as I like doing hair, yes, it is the lack of steady busy-ness that plucks my last nerve.

There really is but one question. Do I want to commit to working enough to get a new car, or do I want to run the current car into the ground and become a housewife eventually with us having but one car. It really is a toss up.

We went last night to the Red Lion for fish and chips which was pretty decent. The cod fillets were huge and one serving was plenty for two to share. Then we went to Slick Willies for our routine Friday night of pool playing and we were able to monopolize the juke box fairly early on.

Today, E and her dad are trying to get the pipes changed out in the bathroom so that the shower project might find completion. Then I think we will head on over to Goode Company for some lunch and then home or elsewhere for some beer drinking. A flute player I know is playing tonight at Vinoteca so maybe we will venture there for a bit.


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