Sunday, April 18, 2004

Viva Las Vegas!!

We left Wednesday afternoon for Vegas and had a whopping good time. The reason prompting my trip was that my friend Trisha was getting married. She picked us up at the airport Wednesday night and dropped us off at our hotel, the Westward Ho. What a dump it was. But, it was acheap dump, and all in all, not too bad. We gambled some and than shared a $1.49 3/4 pound chili cheese dog, which remarkably did not give either of us heartburn or indigestion.

We gambled a bit more and then went back to our rooom to test out the bed. yes, by more than just sleeping.

We did the hotel breakfast buffet which had a fresh egg station where Keith cooked us up some perfect over-medium eggs to cut up into our hash-browns.Keith is a skinny black man who can sing Motown *and* cook perfect eggs at the same time.

After breakfast we went out to catch the bus down the strip toward the finer casinos. We toured through the Bellagio where I won $76 on a Double Wild Cherry dollar slot. Woo!

The Bellagio is just so damn fine. Much more the atmosphere that E and I should be surrounded by. The pretty people stay there. The old retired mostly less than pretty people stay at the Ho. Of course that made us shining stars there...

Also we saw the Aladdin, as well as the Venetian. Both nice, but not as nice as the Belagio. (Since I am not sure if it is one L or two, I have used both spellings.) We went to the Aladdin because PF Chang's is there, and my friend Michael. an owner/manager at the Chang's I frequent from work gave me a $30 gift certificate for a lovely vacation dinner. We had the Shanghai dumplings, which are more like biscuits than traditional dumplings, as well as crab wontons and then we decided on a new entree, the appropriately-marked-spicy Mango Chicken. Too hot to taste all the flavors, but still not too hot to eat. I doubt we will order that again, but it was still a lovely meal. All that food plus two glasses of wine cost us just ten bucks and some change. I need to figure out which little souvenir I brought back will be for Michael.

The wedding was at the gazebo chapel at the Flamingo. It was a totally pleasant affair and E and I were Trisha's fluffers. If that wasn't an honor helping her get ready as she twittered around her suite in nothing but panties and deoderant. Her hair turned out lovely and her dress was beautiful. It was just a little ironic that the dykes were the ones helping her get ready. Perhaps there is a novel in there somewhere.

Yawn. More later.

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