Sunday, April 11, 2004

sunday morning and all is quiet in the house. There was quite a storm last night which completely flooded the front yard and street in less than an hour. This is a sucky thing because the yard man comes on Saturday morning and the driveway was so nice and clean. The up side of it all is that Alonzo will be back and will clean the drive again next Saturday. Even better, we leave on Wednesday for Vegas so we only need to look at the debris for a couple of days and whoosh! it will be gone when we return. Most of the water has receded and it was a healthy drink for all the planting we did last weekend.

We went on Friday night to shoot pool and I have discovered a new shot of choice. It is called a "red-headed slut" and it is equal parts yeager(sp?) and peach schnapps with a splash of cranberry juice...mmm...mmm...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

I need to contemplate the importance of officially coming out to my folks. I can appreciate all the arguments for and against, and really there are none against other than my aunt saying they just do not need confirmation. We are planning an official party when we get hitched where families will be invited. E thinks my parents would be hurt to not be included and find out after the fact. I think too, that there is some underlying acknowledgement issue going on. I really believe my folks know, so it just seems odd to have to announce it to them because there is a small what if they don't know in the back of my mind.

I don't think that there will be even a ripple regardless of what they think about it as we are not an intimate family. I do think, however, that they should have the opportunity to buy us a gift. The question becomes do I tell them or just send them an invitation?

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