Thursday, September 13, 2007

Make your move

Just so there is no question, when the *bux mug comes down from the shelf and hits the micro, it's time for some Hot Tea(TM eb).

In other news, it has been decided that William will take custody of my sick iBook. It will be about 200 clams to buy and install a new hard drive, and there is zero possibility of recovery. Once the new drive is installed, he will basically have a new machine. That means I will need a new machine.

After a bit less than 3 years on the Mac, I, a computer commoner, see no advantage to staying on a Mac. I really like that I had no worries regarding viruses, but other than that I am unimpressed. The photo correction abilities suck, and other than writing, playing with my dad's vintage photos is what else I would want to do. Since I do that on our other computer anyway, a hard drive that totally craps out with no warning has no further appeal. Also, working on a windows machine again at work makes it more challenging being on a mac at home.

We're off to Dell.


chapin said...

We talked about the "Tea" Party in my classroom today. I grinned the entire time thinking of "your" kind of tea. :-)

the only daughter said...

We're off to Dell, off to Dell, High Ho A Cherry O, we're off to Dell

Tea Good n'Sweeeeet.