Saturday, September 29, 2007

It's all good.

So I have been to ravelry ad started to play. I like it. Now, I need to take some pictures. I need to take a lot of pictures. And then I need to learn how to use the camera with this computer. It will be smooth. I know it. Maybe.

Lilli is sitting on her pillow on the desk to my right and off in lala land. It's her favorite new spot. She really doesn't miss much.

I think Ravelry will help me get my fiber obsession a bit more organized and under control. I don't think it is really out of control, but I already hear eb begging to differ. Not only is it a project database, it allows you to catalog everything. Yarn, books, patterns, needles, projects on the needles, projects waiting in line. And there are groups to be joined. Wow. I joined 2 today.

In other news, I am working on my retablo for the Lawndale show and I am also working on another still sewcret at this time project. I have made recent progress on both and am pretty pleased with how they are coming along. I get to work on the secret project at work next week. EB said so. Is anything more perfect than that?

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