Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kimi stages an intervention

K: Hey Max, why don't you come for a visit.
M: Sweet, I have never been to Boston, that would be great.
K: It's a walking city, that okay?
M: I can hang with that as long as we can walk a bit slower than normal...

In all honesty, it was my idea to come visit. I had no idea it was a third floor walk-up, but that would not have kept me from visiting my bestest. I do remember Kim saying they owned the house, I don't think I knew it was subdivided and they live on the third floor. That means stairs. Feel my heart rate going up?

It has been awesome weather so far. Yesterday we went to P-town for the day and had a nice time of it walking around all the shops. Why i did not pack my backpack I will never know, but the first store we went to for tshirts had a sturdy enough bag to accomodate the rest of my loot. We had pizza at George's for lunch and stopped at the Portuguese bakery for a snack for the ferry ride back to Boston.

Susan made a delicious grilled chicken salad for dinner with corn on the cob. This morning for breakfast was french toast and bacon. Weese would be pleased.

Today we are going to Harvard Square to find some fiber(among other places).

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