Monday, March 19, 2007

A thing of beauty

A thing of beauty
Originally uploaded by queenmaxine.
Is it not the cutest thing? I was very skeptical at first learning to knit in the round continental. Then I was on overload as Tara told us we would now be knitting two handed stranded. I got it. And I like it. Now to do it again on my own.


weese said...

doing hats now eh!!its fantastic!

Tara Jon Manning said...

Hey Maxine - You rock at the two handed thing - I'm proud of you! Thanks for your photos from The Mindful Knitting Retreat in Vermont. It was beautiful.

How did I miss naked knitting day? You'll have to let me know about it next year. Keep Knitting - Love, Tara

the uptight chick said...

Isn't it so cute. It's precious.

Eileen said...

The hat is adorable! My sister just gave me a copy of Fair Isle Sweaters Simplified from Philosophers Wool dot com. They have amazing patterns for two handed knitting. You might want to check them out.