Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mostly packed.

Does that mean I am ready to go? No. It means yesterday was almost a slug day, and I shipped home some dirty clothes, books, and jars of crap I bought so my suitcase would not be to stuffed or overweight. There was a plan. I am sitting here today hoping I don't need any of the dirty clothes before Tuesday, their scheduled arrival in Houston.

So I still have to deal with the piddly crap. When I am packing for home, I always take a sort of inventory and try to appreciate stuff I brought but did not really need so that next time, I might pack lighter. When we doe a 4 or 5 day long weekend, I find this much easier. When I am gone for a week or more, this becomes more a challenge.

In an hour, I must be off to the airport, so time to get my ass in gear.

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