Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Knit for Peace

knit for peace close-up
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Today was/is Knit for Peace day. i think the idea is something more focused on producing a statement sort of piece of work, but I heard about it just a few days ago, and in that time, I could not really organize something statementish. So I decided to go to the Rothko Chapel and do some Mindful Knitting.

I was at the Rothko from 4-6 this afternoon and I worked on this wrap I am making. I bought the pattern and the yarn at Tara Jon Manning's Mindful Knitting retreat in Vermont last weekend(2 weekends ago? impossible!) I did 17 rows in that time, about 2 inches, which translates to 1,462 stitches for peace.

The yarn and pattern are by Margaret Klein Wilson whose company is Mostly Merino. I would link her as well, but her site isn't quite done yet. Her product is unbelievable. I amusing Mostly Merino Singles which is Light Sport/Fingering weight. 2 oz = 250 yards. 77% Merino
& Corriedale Wool and 23 % Mohair. The color is Cinnabar.


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