Monday, January 01, 2007

Starting the year wuth a bun(dt) in the oven

Actually, we started the year this morning at the airport at 5 am. I knew what I was doing when I booked my son's flight but we never do anything late on new year's eve, but still, getting up at 330 in the morning for So my youngest is off, actually, already safely home in Virginia.

Then, around 6 am dear sweet elizabeth and I were home and back in bed for the sleep we missed getting up so damn early. At some point, around 9, I think, Lilli Munster jumped off the bed, either rested, bored, or needing to go outside. I always wager on needing to go out, so I followed her. After opening the door for her, I went back for my glasses. They had fallen on the floor at some point. I was blindly feeling around for them on the bedside table when I heard the crack. It was quick and precise. I said fuck.

My glasses are now in two pieces, unsalvagable as there was a nice clean break in the middle of the bridge over the nose. Two perfect halves. I have had a new scrip for a few months now and luckily, had some contacts to try again which I ended up deciding against. I have put off getting new glasses and the time is not unavoidably here. Tomorrow morning I will be at costco trying to find some fantastic new frames. Yippee.

Back to the bundt in the oven. A few weeks ago I was going to make a sour cream pound cake for the White Trash Xmas Buffet. We had a cake and cream puffs for dessert, so the homemade cake was not going to be missed, but I am learning to scale down so it was an important exercise.

All my ingredients were assembled on the counter, and I went to get the pan. It was MIA. mother Fucker. After looking everywhere it could be, I consulted with she who is not only dear *and* sweet, but orderly in a sometimes compulsive way. she looked in all the places it might be but to no avail. It is simply gone.

At Cost Plus picking up some wine, eb came across a replacement pan and bought it for me. A marble sour cream pound cake is about half done and smelling damn good.


the only daughter said...

I positively hate busted glasses. Even more, I hate having to replace glasses-when they are not busted-which I need to do. My eyes are worse--the glasses told me so-shit.

I want cake! :)

chapin said...

I'm with Only...send cake now or else!!!

weese said...

I am like E... everyone here needs to consult me on where I have 'put' things.
Basically... if something goes missing - its probably my fault. :)

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I'm constantly being consulted.

We did, however, find the old bundt pan. And where was it? In a bin in the garage will all of MAXINE'S stuff.