Monday, January 15, 2007

and we're home...

Actually, we were home last night at 1130. Whew. eb drove straight through from Memphis. We stopped at Kmart in Texarkana and got pillows, and I managed to hang until about 930 before kicking the seat back and claiming one of the pillows for snoozing.

I am very excited about the Mindful Knitting Retreat in Vermont at Highland Lodge. I have two books by Tara Jon Manning which I got for xmas, Mindful Knitting, and Compassionate Knitting, so I have been exploring this a little on my own. I think the retreat is going to be something very special in a knitting/meditation/yoga all coming together sort of way.

I am still a little wary about going north in the winter, but it will be all good. Right? Yes, it will. I am going to tack on a few days after and visit my oldest and my parents. My mm is currently somewhere south with her sisters and it is quite possible she will not be home by then, but I can visit my dad and son at any rate and likely piss off my mother in the process.

It will be almost 20 years to the day since I have been home in winter. I moved to Virginia in March of 1987. It doesn't feel like that long ago in some ways, and in some ways it is so very far off my radar. When I left, I swore off ever going back in winter, and somehow, 20 years seems an appropriate ammount of time. Since the retreat is rather costly, I am going to ask my son if I can stay with him a few days to keep the balance of the trip on the cheap. Alternately, I will have him see how much a room is with his discount at the Hilton. He is a chef there.

Preparations must now be made. I have socks to buy at the very minimum.


the only daughter said...

Socks! Yes, socks. buy socks and then take socks with. Socks are the key.

Anonymous said...

You MUST stop in to see Jane! She'll kill me if she finds out I knew you were up there. (still in the store)