Friday, January 12, 2007

Pick up the pen and write it yourself...

Bill moyers said..."Freedom begins the moment you realize someone else has been writing your story..."
Of course I am paraphrasing, and Bill Moyers might have been quoting someone else when he said that, but him saying it spoke to the writer in me. It made me think I have some kind of contribution to make, though I am not sure there is a conection to media reform, but this post is proof that I am here and that I am indeed blogging the convention. My obligation has been met.

Bill Moyers was introduced by Danny GLover. Glover wants us to critically embrace diversity. He was very passionate in his brief intro speech about freedom of expression. It requires access to knowledge, a capacity toward deliberate choice expressed in decision, and a responsibility to respond when questioned about your decisions.

That is the most sense I can make of the notes I made in the dark this morning. Imagine how much less aense they will make to me after I am home.

Anyway, Deborah is here now, yippee!! So time to do some more meeting and greeting...

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