Monday, January 08, 2007

Avoiding the day

That's what I find myself thinking about at the moment. Not that there will be anything to avoid. With the trip on Wednesday and me having to do a client before work tomorrow and then tomorrow working til 9, there is just a lot that could be done today that since I have to work 10-6, might not get done. A big part of that would involve behaving in a sluglike manner while doing other stuff.

I was weird sick all weekend. Not anything contagious, I really think just a progressive part of my Crohn's disease, but still, I felt like crap. On Friday I was in major denial about it. I got feverish at 6 pm on Thursday evening, and getting so at this time, has been quite common over the last few months. It usually passes in an hour or two, and if I get a headache with it, I take some Tylenol and it passes without further incident. This time, however, I was feverish all night. Night sweats feverish. Eww.

So on Friday, I though I could work at least half my shift which prevents me having an absence. I am not sure why I care about that much, but it does give me a better overall rating and as a potential management candidate, that could matter. Anyway, I though I could work til 2 when I would normally go to lunch. I was fine while I was sitting, but if I had to stand for more than a couple of minutes, I got something close to dizzy. This was accompanied by waves of slight nausea. It really was lovely all around.

I made it til 11:30.

On Saturday I was feeling about 50% and as it was Saturday and I am a responsible gal, I went into work. I definitely felt better than the day before, but that good old denial was still working overtime. At some point on Friday, I realized I was paid 13 hours on Monday for the holiday which was going to throw me into serious overtime. It was actually a good thing I went home. Saturday, I was supposed to work 9-6 and when the second receptionist came in at 2, I left the building.

Sunday came and I felt recovered for the most part, but I did find myself tiring easier than normal. I had to work 3-7. I only ever work Sundays if I am taking time off during the week to not burn too much PTO, or rather, to more fully utilize it to its potential. I will be off Wednesday through Monday and am only taking one PTO day. It really is a thing of beauty.

Other things required of me today? I need to do some laundry, and I need to make a list of potential yarn shops for the trip. Our route is slightly different than originally planned, so I need to consult the map for towns along the way.

And I would still like to find my old glasses, though I know they wont show up until after my new ones arrive.

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