Monday, January 22, 2007

Hearing Neil Young

I can't say I hve ever owned a Neil Young recording. I would not consider myself a fan. But I do usually know Neil Young when I hear him. Lately, I have been hearing him all over the place.

In my dreams, I have been hearing music which I could not describe either lyrically or tunewise, but in my dream, I am very clear that I am hearing Neil Young. This has been happening a lot. It could be disturbing if I let it. I am finding that when I drift off into a daydream I am hearing Neil Young as well.

I think it might be time to go to B and N tomorrow and take a listen to what they have available in the audio section.


the only daughter said...

Very interesting. I can't recall a time I've ever had music in a dream. hmmm.

Elizabeth said...

Didn't you used to cringe when I would play Neil Young (sung by Neil Young).

Anonymous said...

I had a dream last night that I also was hearing music. I ask a couple of people and they said that has never happen to them. The dream was a scary dream so I am alarmed. Any comments respond to since I just ran across this site.