Thursday, April 06, 2006

Less than eight hours to go

I will soon be on retreat. Does retreat begin and end when on the premises or do we include travel time? I am going to include travel time as part of the retreat for now, and if I am suffering through hellacious traffic, I might ammend this decision later. Afterall, it makes such an impact on the rest of my life. Not.

Chef Michel will be in attendance preparing vegetarian meals for the entire weekend. He really is good, and his meals will be a treat. I did a retreat at this place a few years ago with my friend Hitaji and Michel was wonderful. I could sit and listen to his stories of Picasso and France for the entire weekend. E's experience with him chefing was not as great, but I think the retreat host's budget might have affected that.

The yoga part of the retreat is under the guidance of Charles MacInerney. I have had one prior workshop with him and really enjoyed him and is teaching style. The writing portion of the retreat is with Patricia someone and I am too lazy to go look up her name. She and Charles have been working together for 8 or more years so I think it will be good.

No internet. Back after Sunday.

It's all good.


chapin said... was the event? I'm waiting on the update. :-)

Elizabeth said...

She had to hang with the guys. Luckily no one was hurt.