Friday, April 21, 2006

The first time I kissed you I lost my legs...

That title is my new favorite inspired and profound lyric of the moment. Just so you know.

Another favorite, I just heard on the way home and I almost text messaged it to my wasband...If I ever sit to write the story I'll say something nice about you when you're more beer at the continental club and I just might have done it.

It is always interesting to go to the continental club. On Friday nights they have a house band of sorts, Molly and the Ringwalds, an 80s cover band. If you haven't guessed, it is a bit of an older crowd. mostly 30 and 40 somethings. always good for a few beers. I actually knew every song they played tonight. the interest comes in when one of the songs they play take sme to a persp, place, or time I haven't thought about in a long while. Tonight there were two episodes.

They played I want you to want me and i was thinking of my crappy first apartment in Norfolk and this neighbor I had there named Kurt. He was a geeky white boy with a bit of the brother vibe going on, but he really had a thing for Cheap Trick. I haven't thought about him since I moved from that apartment and that was in 1988.

Then they played Crazy Train and i though about my first real boyfriend, Michael. We were an item from about summer 1980 t0 82 I guess, though Michael was from Montreal so it was more a summer thing. I always remember him fondly and he is one of the people from my past I wish I was still friendly with.

Anyway, she who is dear *and* sweet has as of now been gone too long. Three nights apart is the general rule and while I wish her to have a good time with Aunt Pat, she better not be getting kicked out of any pubs without me.

Tomorrow night I am going on the tattoo parlor prowl. I heard we have a new chick in town at one of the studios and it might just be time.

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weese said...

oooo tattoo time!!
we are going on may 2nd
it will be a family affair.
the wife - for a touch up to her existing one.
me for a new one.
and the daughter to add to one she has.
woo hoo
(I want pics if you do it)