Monday, April 03, 2006


I measured my bowls before they went into the washer and then a swishing they went. Two trips through the washing machine later, they are shaped and drying on the counter.

I had E help me wind up the Cherry Tree Hill supersock yarn. I bought a skein of it after the dentist a few weeks back. I bought the "Earth" colorway which is browns and reds and oranges. I also got a set of size 2 DPNs and I am currently swatching it to get gauge for my second pair of socks for she who is dear *and* sweet.

The first pair of socks is made from Online sock yarn in blues with some olive and cream and black. It was self patterning and I will photograph them as soon as I wash them, which might be tonight. The first one I did is slightly larger than the second, but that might just be because it was tried on. Washing should bring it back and I will sw if they are closer after that.

Ramble. And ramble some more.

I am going to Margaret Austin Center on Thursday for a yoga and writing retreat with Charles MacInerney. I will be there through Sunday at 3 and I am going directly from work on Thursday at 4. Ideally, it will kick start renewed activity on both fronts.

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