Sunday, April 16, 2006

and her jaw became unhinged

When will my coworkers learn that if they ask me something they are going to get an answer whether it is what they want to hear or not?

On Friday, one of them asked me, "Well what are you gals doing for easter?"

I thought about just saying nothing. Or answering that we were doing nothing. My response was actually pretty gentle, for me, but there is every possibility that she will not be enjoying her easter ham because her jaw is still hanging unhingerd.

I told her "Well, since you asked, we aren't christian, so we wont be doing anything 'for easter', but on Sunday, we are taking a ride up to Chappell Hill to see the wild flowers and have a picnic somewhere along the way."

After she realized her jaw was unhinged and walked away, another coworker asked, "Doesn't she get it? Rothman? Jewish name?"

I really have some dim bulbs iin the box.

So we went to Eatzi's last nightand got some things for our picnic today. There is curry chicken pasta salas, sesame chicken tenders, pesto parmesan couscous, cilantro shrimp pasta salad, hummus, sundried tomato bread with cheese, and a couple of cookies for dessert, chocolate chip with pecan (not as good as mine) for me, and peanut butter for e.

I left my meditation cushion at the retreat center last weekend, so we are going out that way to pick it up, The wildflowers are in bloom, so that will be a pleasant diversion. Almost as pleasant as the company.


weese said...

wow. only in texas. you folks really oughta move north.

maxine said...

Personally, I think we need to move further a nice expatriate community in Mexico, perhaps.

elswhere, in the Northwest said...

Ohhhh, no, not only in Texas.