Monday, October 11, 2004

Time to meditate

What an odd feeling I have this morning. Not good or bad, not tired or rested, not restless. It is just undescribably odd.

I feel as if I have reached some decision about life, yet I can not quite wrap my mind around what, exactly, that is.

My mind has been on overload lately regarding what I want to *be* when I grow up. I have been feeling as if turning 40 means I have arrived, and it is time for some decisiveness. I would still love to pursue pottery classes, and currently I am considering becoming a certified yoga instructor. There is a small feeling of flake associated with both these things, but more present is a feeling of 'Yes! That's it!'.

There is also a new interest in becoming an Ayurvedic practitioner, but it is way too costly to do it without further investigation.

And of course, there is the wonder of should I pursue the path of getting an MFA in writing. The MFA is an advanced degree, so there are many classes on the road to that. It is somewhat daunting if I consider the enormity of it.


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