Friday, October 22, 2004

Thinly Veiled

Below is the photo of stage one of my retablo for the "Dia de los Muertos" show at the Lawndale

The text follows here and was an email from E's dad which resulted in a bit of a cool down between them. I say a bit of a cool down because E's response was silence and Papu thinks there is nothing wrong, even though his daughter has not had anything to do with him since the email, including no call on father's day or birthday, etc...

----- Original Message -----
From: "Jim Wxxxxxx"
To: "Betsy Wxxxxxx"
Sent: Monday, May 31, 2004 1:25 AM
Subject: I'm very, very, sorry

Hi Bets,
I'm sorry that I have to send this message. I really do care for youvery much and I enjoy your company immensely.

BUT,I have a real problem with Maxine - I am very uncomfortable around her.

She is:
1. Jewish
2. Female*
3. Gay*
4. Promiscuous with Negroes ( two black children)**
5. Very vociferous about all of the above.

I have opinions about all of these things. But, around Maxine, I am notable to express my opinions,***
I'm truly sorry, but I do have opinions of my own and I believe that I am entitled to those opinions.

I can not, unequivocally, accept Maxine's philosophy that all women were born with the right to make every decision in this world**** - regardless of it's merits. I can not ascribe toMaxine's philosophy that women (and blacks) are entitled to a ' freelunch' because they have been persecuted in the past.*****
To reiterate, I love you very much and I respect your option to see whomever you choose - BUT - Maxine makes me very uncomfortable. I have no problem with seeing you. But, if Maxine is part of the equation, I'll pass.

Again, I'm sorry,

P.S. I object very much to the way she was " fawning over you" at the ballpark yesterday. Rubbing your back and caressing you in public was very embarrassing to me. Your mother would have had a stroke had she seen that!******

*’Bets" is also Female and Gay.
**I have only one black child.
***For several years, I have listened to him express his opinions.

*****I believe I said that programs such as welfare are in place because some White men decided they were meritorious, and if such programs are available, good for women, or whoever is eligible, that have the sense to take advantage of such opportunities.
******I was rubbing her back and I think I had my hand on her thigh, a respectable distance away from her hoohoo. I happen to be of the opinion that her mother (GRHS) did see this, from her perch with the angels in heaven.


Anonymous said...

dicentrah said...
What an ass. I'm sorry you have to deal with such garbabge.

Anonymous said...



p.s. people still say negro?

maxine said...

I think the point is that he *thinks* people still say negro. Of course I no longer suffer at what he thinks or says.

I wish I had been making it up.