Sunday, October 10, 2004

Festival hangover

Chicken on a stick, followed by a funnel cake, cinnamon nuts, corn dogs, kettle corn, and of course, let's not forget a few beers along the way.

That was the menu yesterday on our adventure to the Scarecrow Festival.

Last night I went to bed and literally could not move. That was after a two hour nap in the afternoon upon our return home. Too many carbs, and popcorn is evil according to Ayurveda. I am not sure if it is evil all the time or just this time of year, but I ate a medium bag of it yesterday and my energy just went down the drain.

The festival was about an hour from here in a small town called Chappell Hill. They also host the Bluebonnet Festival in the spring, which I think we will likely skip. There were crafts and more crafts. And more crafts. And more crafts. The jewelry crafts were all very clunky, and the people, the thousands of country folk, were mostly less than attractive.

We did see a few lesbos here and there, but for the most part it was sort of hard to tell, like being in a mountain community where all the women wear flannel. There was a certain rural rough edge to the crowd, but yes, there were definitely sisters among the festival-goers.

I still feel like getting out and doing something today, but I really have no idea what that will be. I do need to be at JCP at 4 to pick up a gift for E's birthday, and I have to cut hair at 6 at a friend's house, but that leaves a good portion of the day.

Maybe I will head on over to Michael's to get some supplies to do my retablo. I had a vision for it during meditation at yoga last week and I need some ribbon and other grrly shimmery things.Woohoo.

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