Friday, April 04, 2008

Today we add a new healing therapy. Moxibustion!

I am just in from my sixth visit to the new doc. On Monday, it was 22 needles and I thought today would be 24, but no, it stayed at 22. The one between my brows, as well as the ones on my hand and stomache all seemed to be pushed in a little further. Tweak!

The herb potion has been slightly modified, but is basically the same, and there is an herbal pill supplement added last week. I have gotten accustomed to the flavor so much that at dinner at Empire earlier this week, my tea tasted 'funny'. I realized it wasn't my potion and that I missed it. Who'dathunkit?

So today, the doc sent me home with Artemisia Vulgaris in a stick form. It looks like a fat crayon but is very hard. The tip is lit until it glows and then eb will swirl it in circles, hovering about an inch above the kidney and spleen meridians, That's five minutes each on four spots on my back. This will fire up my Yang.

I will continue with my potion, pills, and Moxa and see the doc for accupuncture again on the 21st.

In other news, I finished Water For Elephants yesterday. What a brilliant book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to discussing it with some knitting readers tomorrow at Catalina, a fairly new Houston coffee house. Sara Gruen got me with a surprise twist ending about 3 pages form the last. Impressive.

One of my current knitting obsessions is with

this bag. I am half way through the bootom and am using black and bright green. No delusions about it being done for the cruise, but maybe.

Yesterday I had a deep cleansing breath to the last scan of my dad's negatives from the 50s. number 479. Then I remembered a few we had used with Emerald Pillows that I hadn't seen. EB reminded me that when I first took posession, I was putting the negatives in archive safe sleeves that I picked up at the camera co-op and storing them in a binder. Last night I retrieved the forgotten binder from the shelf, only to discover about 500 more negatives to scan. My labor of love. My dad is thoroughly enjoying looking at these as I send them to him and printing and sending them to his living sibs. He remembers some of them better than he remembers me calling him last night.

Off to work.


SassyFemme said...

That bag is really pretty. Looking forward to seeing pics of yours when you finish.

Have you ever scanned slides with your scanner? All of my dad's pictures are in slides, and I want to find a way to preserve some of the family ones. Any ideas?

chapin said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Water for Elephants. I read it a few months ago and thought it was awesome.

I love the pics you are sharing with us. I look at different ones every time I visit your blog.

Thank you for sharing.